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Welcome, learn and enjoy the beauty of the Tangra/Calcutta Chinese. Tangra is a distinct and unique Chinese suburb in Calcutta India. They are a group with great pride and tradition. This site is to honour those in and from Tangra who have earned their freedom and liberty through sweat and blood. The Chinese in Calcutta have always faced political, social and economic insecurities and challenges and continue to do so which makes the future of Tangra in question. However, from what time has told us, the Hearts, Unity, Identity of the Calcutta Chinese will continue to prevail. Their lives and story will go on.
Welcome to Tangra my friend.

The Tangra Tale...

The tale of Tong Yan Pak Kung...

There is a temple 2 hours south east of Tangra. This is a place where all Chinese visit at least a year especially during Chinese New Year. Long ago a Chinese scholar from China was summoned to India by a King during the English rule. He wrote a script for the King. The King found it so beautiful that he commanded the Chinese scholar to take a horse and ride it as far as he can, and whatever distance that he can cover shall be his. The Chinese scholar was able to ride a great distance amazing the King. This become all his land. However through time this land has become unrecognized by the Indians. Now, only the temple remains to mark his place in Chinese-Indian history.

About 47 South Tangra Road...

. There is also a Hakka Chinese community in Calcutta known as Tangra. Tangra is an Industrial/ residential area, dominated by Leather Tanneries and Chinese Restaurants. There are over three hundred Leather Tanneries in Tangra. While daily life has modernized, the closeness of the community has stood the test of time, preserving it's strong Chinese tradition and culture.

The main surnames of the Tangra people:
Chang, Chen, Chiu, Chu, Chung, Hou/Ho, Hsieh, Huang, Ku, Kuo, Yeh/Yap, Lee/Li, Liao, Lin, Liu, Tseng, Teng/Tang, Hsiung/Yung, Wu

I recently went back during Chinese New Year (1998 Year of the Tiger) for the celebrations. Check out the CHINESE CALENDER if you don't know what I'm talking about. I myself was born in the Year of the Tiger. New Year celebrations in Tangra consist of Lion dancing that goes on until morning and then some, parties every night during the New Year week, a Fair at the end of the week and gambling. The main lion troops take turns hosting the parties/dance.

Some more info... The number one means of transportation is motorcycle/scooters and main rule of riding one in the streets is that there are no rules :). During my stay however, I did try and learn, but I prefered to walk, everybody is within walking distance anyways and always ready to sit down and have a cup of tea with you.
There is no official name for a person who comes from Tangra, my vote though would be a "Tangranen" because it sounds like "Tangra person" in Hakka.

Popular spots for Tangra residents to emigrate to are Toronto/Canada, Sweden and Taiwan. Taiwan is a popular country for Tangra youth to further their post secondary studies.

It is quite common for a tangra youth to know 4 - 5 languages. Including, Hakka, English, Bengali/Urdo, Cantonese/Mandarin, Hindi.

Restaurants such as Tangra Palace, Kafulok, Kim Fa, Flora, Kim Ling, Lee Garden, China Gardens, Evergreen, Shun Li, Kim Li Loi, China Pearl, Marlboro, Chung, Kim Fuk, Fulem, China Haus and Lily's Kitchen have made Tangra a very popular place in Calcutta to dine out and taste Chinese cusine.

There is a community of Hakka from India residing in Toronto (the greatest city in the world!) . Toronto is the number one destination for Chinese in Calcutta/Tangra to emigrate too.

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